In the private loan sector, many ill-intentioned people offer easy money through ad sites (such as anibis), on Facebook or through websites giving the illusion that they are serious lenders. We have carried out an investigation to understand its mechanisms and traps.

What clues betray the fact that they are scams?

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These items are alarm bells:

They are willing to lend pharaonic sums to anyone: millions of francs, up to 100 million! (For a private credit the maximum amount generally reaches USD 250,000 and the conditions for granting the loan are strict.

Extremely low rate: from 2% to 5% (the minimum in Switzerland is 5.9% with the Capital Central bank)

Duration of the repayment from 1 year up to 20 – 30 – 40 years, and some offer to start the repayment from the 6th month, or in the most comfortable month for you! (maximum in Switzerland: up to 10 years with Cream Lite Finance). Their main focus is on people to whom banks have refused a lo.n

Who have financial difficulties and who are destitute

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Swiss private individual offers you a loan of 1,000 to 2,000,000 USD to anyone who can repay it with interest at a low rate of 2%. We are private offering loan between serious private individuals who need for small businesses, personal investments for only 2% interest according to the amount it requires to give rate and a term of 1 to 20 years. We make local loans and international loans to people all over the world. Our organization is not a bank and we don’t need many documents. Fair and honest and reliable loan. Contact me now and let me know the amount of money you want to lend.

How they present themselves

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They present themselves as very generous individuals with a lot of money who want to come to the aid of the whole planet, even of those who will never be able to repay even a penny.

Sometimes they try to earn your trust by passing themselves off to a third party who recommends a lender (the scammer himself, you will understand it) because he would have received the promised money.