If an operation has to be carried out, the procedure is paid for by the health insurance companies. The operation then has a medical purpose. Think of gastric surgery here. However, there are operations for which the statutory health insurance companies do not grant a subsidy. These are the so-called cosmetic operations or whatever they are called aesthetic-surgical operations.

The health insurance will also not pay for laser surgery on both eyes. People who have cataracts do not incur any costs, they can be found in the health insurance benefits catalog. Cosmetic surgery has its price and can rarely be paid from the current budget. An operation loan is then eligible.

Operations Credit – surgical loan

Operations Credit - The Outlook

Cosmetic surgery is performed when the patient wants a new nose, ear correction, new breast, or double chin. These operations are expensive and cannot be paid from the postage account. Of course, the clinics and doctors know about this fact and often offer a loan for an operation. Relevant information can often be found in the doctor’s waiting room.

With all professional ethics, a doctor would like to have the costs incurred again. Hence the offer from the doctors and clinics. The loan offer is usually already prepared so that the patient only has to sign it. But you shouldn’t let yourself be pushed. The patient has no possibility of comparison and should also carry out a credit comparison with the simple loan offer of the doctor.

In this way, he gets an idea of ​​which loans are to be paid and how much. The doctor has to give the patient an estimate so that the loan amount is already fixed. However, the patient should not be afraid to see other doctors and let them give you a quote, because after all it is the patient’s money that should be spent.

Many customers contact the house bank with a loan. A personal conversation is often sought from bank employees. But after all, not everyone wants to bind such a sensitive project to everyone’s nose. The bank does not need to know that the customer wants to have his breast enlarged.

The customer can find the anonymous loan at the many online banks and direct banks on the Internet. A credit comparison can be used to find cheap providers of a loan. Since the cost estimate is available, the individual providers can be checked on the basis of the loan amount. Of course, the providers show their best interest on the individual pages. The customer should know that not everyone gets a low interest rate.

Interest pays off depending on creditworthiness, ie if you have a good credit rating, you will also receive the favorable interest rate. But the focus should not only be on the interest rate, a really cheap loan is shown in special repayments and installments. The financial situation can always change both positively and negatively. The loan could be repaid earlier free of charge if a special repayment was noted. In addition, the installment hours can help with a financial bottleneck.

Does it have to be an operation?

Does it have to be an operation?

Before applying for a loan, the question should be clarified whether an operation is also useful. Many people suffer from a nose that is too long or ears sticking out, which means that they were teased more often as a child. The operation is said to eliminate these abnormalities. Anyone who decides to tighten their double chin, which has not flattened despite trying to diet, already knows what they are doing.

Nowadays, most people value attractive looks. In many cases, even a job depends on it. Often the real values ​​of a person are no longer taken into account, but only the aesthetic ones. It starts with teenagers. The beloved star has just had a breast operation and is proudly showing it to the camera. Of course, the young person who has not yet been consolidated would like to have that too. If such requests are in the foreground for a loan for operations, it would be better not to carry them out.

Of course, there are people who suffer from these “abnormalities and get real depression when the quality of life disappears, for these people a loan for surgery can be helpful. But emulate his asterisk, the costs are just too high for that.

It should also be considered that the loan for operations has to be paid back for many years. The costs are immense, since the price range only starts at thousands of USD. If the operation still has to be carried out, the credit comparison can provide the necessary information regarding the conditions. Sometimes the credit for surgeries from the doctor presents itself as cheap.

However, a doctor doesn’t want to wait forever for his money. When interest-free loans are granted, the loan has a short term. The rates are then high. The question should then be “Can I pay this?”.

The Credit Bureaufree credit

The Credit Bureaufree credit

Anyone who applies for a loan must also have a good credit rating. The bank will check the income, which must be above the garnishment exemption limit. The Credit Bureau must not be burdened with negative entries, and permanent employment must also be proven. If these conditions can be met, the loan will also be approved.

That’s how many loan offers you get


However, if the loan seeker cannot fulfill it because, for example, he has a bad credit, the German banks usually refuse the loan. The way out can be the Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad. The conditions for a loan are similar to those of loans from German banks, except that the Credit Bureau is not queried. The loan is also not entered.

Another very important point is permanent employment, which must not be limited and does not include a trial period. This means that unemployed people and recipients of social welfare do not get any credit from these banks, because, firstly, the income is state and cannot be seized. On the other hand, there is the unstable income of the self-employed.

Anyone who does not earn enough to be able to prove at least a attachable portion of 100 USD will not receive the credit for operations from abroad.

The credit for operations is provided with three loan amounts. Once 3,500 USD, the most approved loan, 5,000 USD and most recently 7,500 USD. The employment relationship must have existed for one year for all loans, and the employment relationship must have existed for at least four years for the 7,500 USD loan.